What is IADOMA? The Power of Positive Thinking

We’ve all heard about the power of positive thinking. You may have heard about positive affirmations as well. When I was a kid, my mom taught this idea to me in a different way. She said, “It all depends on my attitude!” and shortened it to the acronym: I.A.D.O.M.A. I saw this concept in play again and again as I grew up and started to understand more about the stresses and troubles in the world. I saw my mom pick herself up, dust herself off, and say, “IADOMA!” whenever something threatened to shake her.



It boiled down to one simple concept: She could choose to let the negative things take over or she could choose to fight that and focus on the positive. It’s not a magic cure. It doesn’t mean you don’t feel pain, stress, worries, whatever. It’s all in how you deal with those things that matters. Do you let it defeat you or do you let it make you stronger? And if it’s something that is too hard to deal with on your own, do you let it defeat you then or do you seek out the help you need? It all depends on your attitude!


Positive Thinking Challenge

Maybe you think it sounds like “new age” superstitions or too “hippy” for you. If that’s the case, my challenge for you is to give it a try. It’s not easy. It takes practice and there are times when it doesn’t seem to help or doesn’t seem to fit. Just try your best to take a step back from a situation, take a deep breath, and try to figure out what you can do that may be a more positive approach. It could be as simple as positive thinking: Instead of thinking “this sucks, I hate this, I feel helpless!”, think: “I can make it through this.”. Or try positive affirmations. Concentrate on the positive by thinking to yourself: “This situation will get better. I can handle this.” or something like that. And in the end, honor yourself and your feelings, even if they are negative. Don’t beat yourself up over negative thoughts. Own them, feel them, then put them away and replace them with positive. You’ll be amazed at the difference in your life!